Ithaca FBO Services

  • Arriving in Ithaca?

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    Current FBO Hours of Operation 0600-1900 LCL. We welcome advance notice of your arrival! As always, you may call us directly at 1-800-876-1551. 

  • Fuel Programs

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    AVGAS 100LL$
    JetA w/additive$

    KITH Based Aircraft Receive Exclusive Pricing!

  • Facility and Other Services

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    Current Hours: 0600-1900LCL

    We offer various additional services such as hangar accommodations, parking, and amenities.

  • Aircraft Aesthetics

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    Taughannock Aviation Corp has decades of experience working with a multitude of aircraft types, resulting in improved appearance methods that are proven and safe.

  • Local Information

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    We are pleased to provide you with a repository of local information and resources from around the area. Feel free to call us for assistance or use our ITH Arrival e-Concierge form. Current FBO Hours of Operation 0600-1900LCL.